Teaching resources

This page contains links to teaching resources I have developed.

Cognitive Psychology

CPEP (Cognitive Psychology Experiment Package). CPEP is a suite of public domain software for Windows that was designed to teach first-year undergraduate cognitive psychology practicals.


Aspects of Consciousness. A series of seminars on cognitive and neuroscience approaches to consciousness, aimed at a final-year undergraduate psychology student audience.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking. A series of lectures on critical thinking, aimed at a first-year undergraduate psychology student audience.


RMINR. A set of free worksheets to teach introductory statistics to psychology students, using R.

R for Experimental Psychology. An incomplete eBook on how to do various things in the R language. Written as a personal memory aid, and to help others in my lab, but posted here in case anyone else finds them useful. Comments welcome.

Statistics by Hand: An Introductory Course for Psychologists. Public domain 10 one-hour lecture introductory course on statistics, emphasizing understanding of statistics rather than SPSS button pressing.

Statistics handbook (PDF). Public domain formula, recipe, and tables, booklet designed for introductory undergraduate research methods in psychology courses.